Juniper Ridge Desert Denim Wash

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  • Juniper Ridge  Desert Denim Wash
  • Juniper Ridge  Desert Denim Wash
  • Juniper Ridge  Desert Denim Wash
  • Juniper Ridge  Desert Denim Wash

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Wildharvested in the Mojave and distilled around the campfire, a few pumps from this stout metal bottle will leave you smelling like you've spent all day among the wildflowers in California’s high-desert country.

Crafted in small, seasonal batches, the clear distillate that we formulate in the backcountry is good for all your rugged apparel, a clean hit from the wilderness where it was born. Desert Denim Wash comes in a 98 ml (3 ounce) spray bottle.

Desert Denim Wash carries a sweet but dry, leathery resinous note. “It’s just like lying on your sleeping pad after a campfire dinner in the warm-air desert woodlands of the mojave with a sky full of bright desert stars.” explains Hall Newbegin, founder of Juniper Ridge. “Those desert trees and plants- desert piñon, cedar, desert lavender, ambrosia - just hunker down all day in the sun. But then when it cools down in the evening, they spring back to life and open up with this gorgeous, intoxicating resinous smell. That’s what’s in there - not an imitation of it, but the real stuff from that place!“

- 3 fl oz bottle. (98ml)
- Desert Southwest Region.
- Made in USA.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil; 100% natural fragrance: tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils.

Scent profile: A wildharvested medley of desert cedar, pine pitch, sunwashed granite, Mojave sunflower, yucca bloom, greasewood, sawdust.

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