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Blue Blanket

Blue Blanket

Antonio Di Battista is an Italian Designer involved in denim Business for more than 20 years.

Born in 1968 he devoted his personal and professional life to the understanding of cultural streams wich animated that time.
Actually he would have been oldschool whatever the time he was born.
He graduated at European Design Institute in Rome (IED) and currently lives in the east Cost of Italy where he divides his activity between research and experimentation.
His frequent trips to California and Japan, world poles of vintage and innovation, get him the inspiration for his work.
In 2008 he opened his office in Pescara where is preserved an archive of about 2000 denim garments of historic interest.
He also loves and collect old guitars and off road bikes especially from the 70′.
The observation of the everyday life and an accurate study of what have been done in the past are sources of anticipate future trends. His lifestyle is a constant investigation of what is cool.
As a consultant, he boasts a portfolio of important collaborations with renowned international partners.

The aim of the brand is to make Jeans made with the best elements,
for this purpose we use:

Italian and Japanese pure indigo selvedge Denim.Italian Design and Craftmanship.Historical U.S. Jeans Details and Construction.